Sewage, excessive immigration, increasing crime rates… If London is still a razor-sharp Western city in your mind, think again.

The 14-minute YouTube video “London is a sh*thole” by Paul Joseph Watson, a young British conservative journalist, is a good review of London. He also has a good sense of humor. The video mentions:

– London is an overpopulated city. There is a real shit problem in the city because where there is abundance, there there is shit. The city’s sewer infrastructure was designed for 2.5 million people, but the city currently has a population of roughly 9 million. Therefore, every time it rains, the capacity is exceeded. 39 million tonnes of sewage flows into the Thames every year. “That’s a lot of shit” says my dear Paul.

– Again due to overpopulation, “London (was) the second most congested city in Europe”. Since my dear Paul shot the video 5 years ago, London is now the winner.

– 60 thousand people come to London every year. 2/3 of the population growth in the city comes from immigration. “and what’s the solution to that? more immigration!” says my dear Paul.

– “Mass migrations as well as real estate purchases by wealthy foreigners make it very difficult for ordinary people to buy a house or pay rent.” We have the same problem right now. In fact, “Qatari people own more property in London than the Queen.” It became clear why London turned into Londonistan. The Arabs officially bought the British. “In addition, rich Russians and Chinese use this real estate purchase to launder money.”

– “We have built affordable houses in London. But these are not affordable for the normal working class,” says my dear Paul. “Average wages need to increase by 266% for the normal working class to be able to buy these houses.”

– “Homelessness has increased so much that they have mounted metal spikes on the sidewalks in front of the offices.” so that homeless people do not sleep in front of the door.

-The property crisis is so deep that someone asked for £500 a month to rent a cabin under the stairs.

– “The murder rate in London is higher than in New York.”

-73% of knife attackers are black or other ethnic minorities.

– Muslim Paki mayor Sadiq Khan is trying to prevent the police from using stop and search. As a result, since Sadiq Khan took office, robberies have increased by 65%, knife attacks by 55% and rape by 45%. After it was pointed out to him in the parliament that all crimes have increased since he took office, he asked: “Do you think London is safer?” is asked, Sadiq says “yes”. The reaction of the man who asked the question to this answer: “That’s absolutely extraordinary.” (this is absolutely extraordinary) is happening.

– “Trump was right. Sadiq Khan is a national disgrace and a disaster for London.” says my dear Paul. It is a separate sociological case that white English hooligans, who wreak havoc for a football match, remain silent when a Pakistani Muslim man bastardizes London.

– “There are 15 acid attacks every week across England, 3/4 of which occur in London. In London, most cases occur in East London, particularly Newham. This is the most ethnically diverse area in all of England and Wales.” .Newham is the second most populated area in the UK in terms of its proportion of Muslims. According to the latest data, it ranked third with a Muslim rate of 34.8%. In second place is Darwen with 35%, and in first place is Tower Hamlet (this is in the East London region) with 39.9%.

– “Some Somali parents send their children to Somalia because they think Somalia is safer than London.”

– “Actor and comedian John Cleese has been criticized for saying London is no longer an English city.”

– Describes the observations of an Asian journalist in various parts of London (probably East London). The journalist wrote:

“Within minutes, we passed three other mosques, bustling and full of young men coming and going. We passed a church, which was closed and worn down, with eggs thrown at its windows. We were being crushed by hundreds of people preparing for Eid al-Adha. Girls in headscarves were gathered around the tables, holding henna (henna) in their hands. They were doing some kind of henna. All the work had a religious style: the restaurants were halal, the gym was segregated by gender, the boutiques had “modest” clothes on the mannequins, and there were no Union Jacks (consisting of the flags of Scotland, Ireland, and England). I didn’t see any (United Kingdom flag).” my paul “yes, sounds really english to me!” he says sarcastically.

-The River Thames is full of cocaine.

– “All native-born Londoners tell me the same thing: ‘London has lost its identity, it is hurtling towards a crime-filled dystopia at full speed, the quality of life is terrible.’ says my dear Paul.

– “Samuel Johnson (English writer and lexicographer, 1709-1784) once said: “If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

This was 240 years ago, things have changed now,” says my dear Paul.

– “London is the globalist model for all future megacities. The minority are super tolerant of the wealthy. They are effectively insulated from the fear of the reality that surrounds them. What about everyone else? The best they can hope for is to be the paying slaves of these elites.”

“London is a citadel for the bohemian upper classes, but for most people, it turns into a complete shithole.”

By Mehmet Özkoç

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