Was Justin Bieber Sexually Harassed by Rapper P. Diddy When He Was 15?

Allegations that Bieber’s mother sold him to rapper Puff Daddy (P. Diddy) when he was 15 have been circulating for a while. Let’s examine.

There are rumors going around that his mother sold him to the rapper called p.diddy when he was a child. It is said that P.diddy raped Justin Bieber when he was 15 and took his virginity. There are a few videos of p.diddy and child justin bieber from that period. these videos:


video 1

video 2



2nd ‘disturbing’ video of Diddy & teen Justin Bieber resurfaces after sex-trafficking raids #shorts
A “disturbing” video of Sean “Diddy” Combs confronting a teenage Justin Bieber about his whereabouts has resurfaced after the producer ‘s homes were raided am …


When the mentioned disgusting allegations are watched again with knowledge, the strangeness of P.diddy’s approach to Justin becomes clearer. His first meeting with Justin in the first video. He says he held them hostage for 48 hours and they were going to do crazy things. Pay attention to Diddy’s attitude. The second video is after that incident. Pay attention to Justin’s reactions, his fear and his attempts to remain normal. In short, p.diddy has already begun to be called the jeffrey epstein of the music industry on the internet. What did this guy do to whom? The subject goes as far as 2pac’s death and even Michael Jackson’s death, but if I write about them, I will lose today. So let’s get back to our topic.

Apart from these, also check out this video

Since childhood, children are constantly harassed, even in front of the screen, in programs watched by millions. In the video, the female presenter asks the child a stupid question: “Would you rather be naked for the whole stage or eat worms mixed in a bowl?” The boy shows the right attitude by saying “but I have little girl fans” and even asks his 15-year-old self a question about sex at the end of the video. Justin says, “How can you ask such a question to a 15-year-old kid?” So the kid is old now. Who knows what they are doing behind the scenes to the child who is openly harassed like this, even in a program watched by millions.

Now let’s come to the song Lonely. Justin Bieber’s song “Lonely” completely reflects these events that Justin experienced when he was a child. I opened the song and listened to it, and frankly it is impossible not to feel it. It’s obviously a personal song for Justin. People have already started pouring messages of support under the YouTube video of the song.

Benny Blanco, the original writer of the song, states that Justin changed the line “I had everything but no one is listening” in the pre-chorus to “I had everything”. This small change made by Justin; I think it means that the things he has no longer mean anything to him. It should not be irrelevant to attribute the reasons for the psychological collapse he has experienced in recent years to these.

Blanco continues to explain. He states that Bieber started crying in the studio while recording the song and turned to him and said, “I should go outside and sit for a while.” While describing that day, Blanco adds, “This is the most sincere Bieber you will ever see.” He says Bieber was really nervous while recording and even worried about releasing the song. Because Bieber said to himself, “People will recognize me through this and I’ve never been this naked before.” The sentence “They criticized the things I did when I was a stupid kid” appears somewhere in the song anyway. You are 15 years old and you are going through bad things. What you experience spreads from word to mouth and everyone around you laughs at you, criticizes you and even blames you. No wonder he feels lonely, just like the title of the song. If the allegations are true, no matter what, she is a victim and unfortunately, like most victims, she thought for years that no one would be there for her. He thought people would judge him, find him unfair, think that he deserved what happened to him because he did this for money and fame.

To date, she has only said about what happened between her and Diddy: “He harassed me and molested me.” It’s as if he always chose to remain silent… and to sculpt the facts when he wanted to say something. What destroys people the most are the truths they cannot shout and the dirt they have to throw themselves into. eh. Unfortunately, I do not have difficulty understanding this attitude. In the past, I would have dismissed such things as conspiracy theories, but… in recent years, with the development of technology, such filth and crazy things have started to emerge that now, when I hear such things, I say to myself, “There has been much more, much worse than we know or can know.”

Additionally, a source close to Justin made a statement like “He doesn’t want to talk about his relationship with P.diddy at all, but he may have to.” I think it may be possible to get involved with the legal process. As you know, P.diddy’s mansions were raided last week.

There are very few singers in the music community who can go through such things and still survive and not lose their minds.
Justin was psychologically depressed for a long time, but it seems that he is better lately. He continues his music somehow. So we can say that he is among those who survived. He also claims that his wife, Hailey Bieber, is using him. Justin’s fans have intense hatred for her. hailey’s family

By Mehmet Özkoç

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