What is the 5.5G Technology That China Has Already Started Using? How is it different from 5G?

China announced that it will switch to 5.5G technology. So, what differences does this technology offer compared to 5G? In this content, “What is 5.5G?” We will take a closer look at it.

Mobile communication technologies are developing more and more every day. Although we are still using 4.5G connection in USA, many countries have already rolled up their sleeves for 6G technology. However, China announced that it will switch to 5.5G technology before we can switch to 5G. So what is this 5.5G technology? How is it different from 5G used in many countries today?

The service, which many sources refer to as 5.5G, is also called “5G Advanced” or “5GA” by some sources. However, there is no difference between these nomenclatures. These all describe the same technology.

What is 5.5G?

5.5G technology can simply be described as a slightly improved version of 5G in terms of performance. In fact, 5.5G is right in the middle of standard 5G connection and 6G. Chinese technology company Huawei had started its work on the transition to 5.5G a long time ago, and China’s statement reveals that these studies have now been completed.

What is the difference between 5.5G and 5G?
The difference between 5G and 5.5G technologies is similar to 4G and 4.5G. Just as 4.5G was faster than 4G, we will see the same thing in 5.5G. In this context; According to Huawei’s studies, 5.5G will be 10 times faster than 5G. In addition, the latency in 5.5G technology will be recorded as 5 ms at most. Of course, this may vary in areas with heavy use.

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