Former Apple Executive Works 80 Hours a Week to 'Fight' Europe's Regulations

It was revealed that Apple’s former Marketing Director Phil Schiller worked 80 hours a week in order not to disrupt Apple’s “order” of the Digital Markets Law enacted by the European Union.

As you know, the European Union had cornered the technology giants with the Digital Markets Act, also known as DMA. Apple, in particular, was particularly affected by this regulation because it has a closed ecosystem, and had to make some radical changes, such as allowing applications to be installed on iPhones from outside the App Store.

The Wall Street Journal shared an article today focusing on former Marketing Director Phil Schiller, Apple’s most active employee during this period when it was engaged in a legal battle in Europe. According to WSJ, Schiller tried to protect the rights of the App Store by working 80 hours a week during one of the most legally critical periods in Apple’s history.

Schiller, who left his job at Apple to devote time to his private life, works 80 hours a week for Apple

What makes Schiller’s story strange is that he left his job at Apple about 4 years ago to devote more time to his private life. However, it seems that Schiller is a real workaholic and does not hesitate to work day and night to ensure that the “order” established by his beloved Apple is not disrupted. According to the WSJ, Schiller returns e-mails instantly and always picks up the phone when it rings, no matter what time of day it is. Of course, these are just the beginning…

Schiller, who personally testified in Apple’s case with Epic Games, was also personally involved in Apple’s correspondence with the EU after the DMA. He also took part in Apple PR meetings held for the iOS 17.4 changes that shook the technology world and made an effort to explain to the technology media how DMA would affect user privacy and security.

Phil Schiller left the company when Steve Jobs was fired from Apple

There are those of you who remember; Apple recently closed Apple Games’ App Store developer account. As you can guess, it was Schiller who conducted the correspondence with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney on the subject. Of course, the account was reopened after the European Commission took action, but our focus here is the effort made by a person who left his job at Apple “to devote time to his private life” to maintain Apple’s position in the industry.

Phil Schiller, 63, first joined Apple in 1987 but left in 1993. In 1997, it became a part of Apple again when founding CEO Steve Jobs returned to Apple. Schiller, who carried out marketing efforts for many Apple products that sold hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide, from iPod to iPhone, resigned in 2020.

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