The Hired Killer Who Saved Married Women from Their Cruel Husbands: Madame Popova

Madame Popova is a serial killer known for protecting the rights of Russian women.

Madame Popova, who lived in 19th century Russia, was a women’s rights advocate hitman who was known for saving married women from cruel husbands in return for the small fees she demanded.

The woman, a native of Samara, Russia, was so saddened by the suffering of women of the period who were treated like slaves by their husbands that she volunteered to find a permanent solution to this situation. Before resorting to this path, she gathered women to understand her case, held various meetings in Russia, and in a way tried to deal with the problems of women of the period, but after a certain time, she turned this job into a profit and killed 300 people with poisons, weapons, with her own hands, and sometimes even by hiring an assassin. He killed more than 100 people.

Madame Popova, who was caught after a remorseful customer reported the situation to the police, was surrounded by a group of several hundred people while she was about to set out for prison. Angered by the cruelty of the woman’s actions, the group demanded that the prisoner be handed over to them. The police managed to keep the crowd at bay with weapons and sent Madame Popova to a prison in Samara.

Madame Popova, who said that she acted with the “mission to save unhappy women from tyrannical husbands” while defending herself, announced that she “liberated” approximately 300 women throughout her life and that this situation saved women from misery and grief. Finally, she said she did a good job, adding that she had never harmed a woman and that the people she killed were only men who mistreated their wives. She was executed by firing squad after her sentence was upheld in March 1909.

Madame Popova continues to be included in history books with her interesting story.

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