Which People's Blood Do Mosquitoes Suck Most?

What does mosquito like most? Who does it bite? What blood group do mosquitoes most commonly come to? Here are the definitive answers to who mosquitoes go to the most.

Tips to help a female mosquito suck your belly
Female mosquitoes consider four things when deciding whether to bite someone:

1. How much CO2 do you produce?

2. How does your sweat smell?

3. Is your body temperature high?

4.What color are you wearing?

1. amount of carbon dioxide
When a female mosquito wanders around the world and encounters a source that produces CO2, this attracts her attention. The larger your body is, the more carbon dioxide you produce. Additionally, your C02 production increases when you exercise. So, if a fat person is running, that person is a source of attraction for female mosquitoes.

2. smell of sweat
The smell of sweat is affected by the foods we eat and the types of bacteria (skin flora) that live on our skin. Flies are particularly attracted to the smell of lactic acid and ammonia in sweat. The sweat of beer drinkers is also very attractive to female mosquitoes. Additionally, the more bacterial diversity in your skin flora, the more attractive you are. So if you want to be a female mosquito magnet playboy, be fat. But getting fat by drinking plenty of beer provides an additional advantage. If you apply some urine to your skin, you will also smell ammonia. So your chances increase considerably.

3. body temperature
The higher your body temperature, the more mosquitoes prefer you. You can increase your body temperature by exercising or by staying dehydrated.

4. clothes color
Choose the right colors in clothes. Mosquitoes love red, orange and blue colors. He doesn’t like white at all. Green and purple are colors that he does not prefer and ignores.


In light of all this information, I am giving you the formula for having a crazy blood sucking party with female mosquitoes when the summer months come.
Gain a lot of weight before summer. When the weather is warm enough, follow the weather forecast. The day with the largest difference between the felt temperature and the actual temperature is the day with the most humidity. Mosquitoes love such weather.

Get in your car and go to a fresh water source where the water becomes stable. If there are reed areas, they are much more beautiful. But there may be others who came before you with the same purpose. If you want to be alone, there may be swamps or just places where the river widens.

Before you go, drink a few thermogenic drugs known as fat burners to increase your body temperature.

Take plenty of beer with you. And dry ice to chill the beers. Dance a lot while drinking beer. This helps you get warmer, produce more c02, and sweat more. You will need to pee because you drank too much beer. Don’t waste ammonia. pee your pants. You can even apply it to your arms or something. Choose an outfit in red and yellow tones. Have blue polka dots on it.

Finally, remove the dry ice to strike gold. Dry ice is made with co2. You can have a wild party with your urine-scented fat body under its mist-like steam. However, when you go to work the next day, the marks left by female flies on your neck and other body parts may be visible, do not forget to cover them with foundation…

By Mehmet Özkoç

Hi readers. I am from Turkey, I am one of the founders of the site. We opened the Adsenses site to provide information to our readers from all over the world. Stay tuned.

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