Why Does a Wet Dog Smell? What Should I Do to Get Rid of the Smell?

What causes wet dog odor, which is more in some dogs and less in others, and how to get rid of it?

According to the American Kennel Club, wet dog odor is caused by organisms such as yeast and bacteria that live in your dog’s fur. While these organisms live on your dog’s fur, they leave microfeces in the form of some volatile organic compounds. When your dog gets wet, these compounds evaporate as the water on him evaporates, creating that unpleasant odor we call wet dog smell.

(If you have a double-furred chow chow like me, this smell can be strong enough to knock you out.)

All dogs can smell, but some dogs are more likely to smell bad depending on their fur and skin texture. for example; Wrinkly dogs, such as shar peis (excessively wrinkled ones), pugs, bulldogs and french bulldogs, which have folds of skin that can retain moisture, are also prone to odor. When washing, it is necessary to pay attention to the folds of their skin.

(I also have a Shar Pei, but it does not smell because it is not wrinkled and has big cheeks.)

Some dog breeds, such as the basset hound, have naturally oilier skin. They are also known for drooling like mastiffs, newfoundlands and some other large dog breeds. This causes the area around their mouth to be constantly moist and emit an odor.

If you have a slobbery or wrinkly breed dog, have plenty of cloths and wipes available and dry damp areas of their body regularly. In this way, you can prevent the odor problem.

Washing your dog regularly (if you are going to use a shampoo, choose the one suitable for its skin and do not wash it too often) will prevent the odor, but the important point here is to dry your dog well. Leaving it wet will lead to fungus and bacteria. While it may cause your dog to experience major problems such as itching and hair pulling, it will also cause odor.

If you cannot dry your dog properly at home, take it to the pet groomer to wash it and leave the job to professionals.

By Mehmet Özkoç

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