What Happens If We Fall Into a Black Hole From Which Even Light Cannot Escape?

It’s not clear what will happen if we fall into black holes, but we can make some good guesses with the information we have.

If we explain the black hole with a simple definition:
Everyone in the world knows the gravitational force on our body. Thanks to this gravitational force, we know how much we weigh, or it attracts and brings together all objects that cannot have a reverse effect, such as the apples falling on Isaac Newton’s head (now you will ask how planes fly, sir, the world is the same to them). It also creates a gravitational pull, but since the plane creates more thrust than the gravitational force, the earth appears as if it is not pulling the plane.)

When we return to the black hole after understanding the above information; The gravitational force of this space-time region or celestial bodies is so strong that nothing, including light and other electromagnetic waves, has enough energy to escape from it.

So what happens if we fall into a black hole with such intense gravity and mass? Let’s examine this one by one with the information we have…

1. entry zone (accretion disk)
Around the black hole, there is a rapidly rotating accretion disk on which gas, dust and other materials accumulate. This disk has very high temperatures due to its great gravity and possibly because it emits very strong electromagnetic radiation. As one approaches a black hole, one is exposed to intense radiation and heat as one passes through this disk.

2. transition region
A person approaching the black hole passes through an area called the transition zone. This region lies just outside the black hole’s event horizon and is an area where time and space are strangely warped. Everything that enters it is bent just like this event and is pulled in, succumbing to the gravitational force of the black hole.

3. spaghettification
An object or a person approaching the black hole by passing through this transition zone changes its shape longitudinally, that is, like a rope, due to the strong tidal effect of the black hole. This phenomenon is called stringing or spaghettification, and it causes a person’s body to stretch into an elongated, spaghetti-like shape.

4. event horizon
There is an event horizon around black holes. In fact, this place is like a border. It makes it impossible for anything that falls into the black hole to return. That is, when a person falls into the event horizon of a black hole, we can say that it is too late and he cannot communicate with the outside world and escape becomes impossible.

5. infinite gravity
Everything that enters the black hole is collected in a small point of infinite density. Since the gravity of anything that reaches this point will be infinite, matter is no longer subject to the universal laws of physics and known physical realities collapse at this point.

In general, if a person falls into a black hole, this process becomes quite tragic and destructive. The gravitational force of the black hole is great enough to tear apart the human body and even its atoms. Therefore, falling into a black hole is a fatal situation according to the known universal laws of physics and there is no possibility of escape. Your shit comes out at the speed of light, so to speak.



By Mehmet Özkoç

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